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BikeAmp Story

Are you curious what BikeAmp is all about? It’s quite simple really. BikeAmp helps you take care of your best friend - your bicycle.

We are a team of passionate cyclists and for us the bicycle is more than just frame and two wheels taking you from point A to point B. No matter which cycling discipline we enjoy, road racing, mountain biking and even triathlon, cycling is a significant and important part of each of our lives.

As avid cyclists, we perform quite a bit of do-it-yourself bike maintenance, and we continually encounter the same problems of not knowing what maintenance is needed, not being able to find the proper tool, or not knowing which components are even compatible with our bikes. From our research, we aren’t alone. More than 42% of cyclists bought parts and components that weren’t compatible with their bicycles. From this experience the idea of BikeAmp was born. This is a web-based service where cyclists can track their bicycle’s maintenance and locate suitable replacement parts and components quickly and easily.

Are you Googling and surfing dozens of forums to check if the latest carbon crankset will fit into your bottom bracket? Adding up miles from your GPS to figure out if it is time to install a new chain or change out the oil in your shock? Are you wasting time searching high and low to find the best price?

Not anymore! BikeAmp will do all of this for you. We created a platform that will automate and keep all the knowledge and history of your bikes in one place. It is a logbook for your bikes.

Beyond the components selector and mileage trackers, BikeAmp is a community of passionate cyclists that always welcomes new and experienced cyclists. We will help answer any questions related to your bicycle. 

BikeAmp Mission

BikeAmp is here to help passionate cyclists around the world enjoy riding their bikes and keep them in top shape.